Marketing tools for Startups & SME's

Here are some free marketing tools we have built for startups & SMEs. Use our checklists & calculators to stay on top!

Facebook Business Page Checklist

Create engaging posts on Facebook and win over your fans! Keep this Facebook Business Page Checklist always by your side.

SEO Checklist

Use our SEO Checklist and stay on top of all SEO Tasks for your startup or SME website.

Google Analytics Checklist

Use our Google Analytics checklist to measure your key performance indicators and know more about visitors to your website.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Use our Customer Lifetime Value Calculator and find out how much you can afford to spend on or customer acquisition & retention.

Trade Show ROI Calculator

Use this Trade Show ROI Calculator to measure the return on investment for trade shows.

Website Launch Checklist

Cover all your bases before launching your new website! Use our Website Launch Checklist.

Press Kit Checklist

Put together a comprehensive Press Kit for your organization. Use our Press Kit checklist to stay on top of your progress!

Linkedin Checklist

Make a solid impression with our LinkedIn Checklist. Use our LinkedIn checklist to manage your company page and interact in groups.

Online Advertising ROI Calculator

We created the Online Advertising ROI Calculator to help you determine the ROI for pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Try it now!

Instagram for Business Checklist

A picture is worth a thousand words. Craft your visual story with this Instagram for Business Checklist.

Pinterest for Business Checklist

Get more people to appreciate your Pins! Keep this Pinterest for Business Checklist handy.

Twitter for Business Checklist

Want to promote your business on Twitter? Use this Twitter for Business checklist to score high!

YouTube Checklist

Keep this YouTube checklist handy for setting up a channel or uploading a video on YouTube.

Social Media Readiness

Are you ready for Social Media? Take this quick assessment and find out.

Facebook Year In Review

Know your most liked, commented, shared and engaging post on your Facebook page.

Webinar Checklist

Use our Webinar Checklist to ensure the successful execution of an upcoming webinar.

Event Planning Checklist

The purpose of the event planning checklist is to organize event-planning activities before, during, and after an event.